Important for all Metal/Rock Fans !

* This is not a hoax ! The hoax that is floating around on Fb is about the privacy protection post. This is REAL and will start at Jan 1.*

Attention, all Metal/Rock Fans !

As per January 1, Facebook is going to change the rules drastically and that will have a huge impact for bands, so we need your help !

What is going to happen ?
Status-updates which promotes our music, albums, merchandise, gigs etc in a decent way will not appear on your news-feed anylonger, unless the band pays for it.

The result of these new rules ?
This basically means that Facebook becomes completely useless to keep you up-to-date about your favorite bands.

What can the fans do ?
1) Change your surfing habit on Facebook : instead of watching all news in your news-feed, you actually have to visit the artist profile page in order to get all news.
2) Follow the bands through other social media you use !

I can be followed through :

Full info :

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