IMMORTAL MACHINERY Reveals New Album Details !

The UK Dark/Melodic Metal band IMMORTAL MACHINERY have just revealed details for their upcoming release.

The new album will be titled “AN IMPERFECT STORM”, it contains 9 tracks and will be released at April 7, 2017.

A 1st sample can be found at this location : (with outstanding guest vocals by TANK from Chasing Dragons).

The band has also revealed the cover artwork and track list today :

1 I’m Not Sorry *
2 Die With Me – a Soldier’s Song
3 Tongues of Fire
4 Nail Me Upside Down
5 I Did it for You
6 Apocalypse Forever
7 Greater Love
8 Call me Cain (He Never Died) **
9 Barbiturate Blues

* feat. Tank (Chasing Dragons –
** feat. Kieran McGourty (ex Sufferance)


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