OSYRON Reveals Full Album Details !

The Canadian Symphonic Metallers from OSYRON have revealed full details for their upcoming second album !

The new album will be titled “Kingsbane” and has a release date set for November 07, 2017.

The 8 – track album tells the tale of a reluctant hero embarking on a journey as unlikely as it is fantastic. A sprawling tale of outward motivations driving inward change. Our hero faces the daunting task of overthrowing a powerful tyrant king with an unyielding grip on his distressed kingdom. The album spins a story as rich as the soundscapes created by this quintet out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Earlier, the band released the lyric video for the “To War” track : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTe3heoGg48

The band also revealed the cover artwork and track list :

Track List :
From Ashes
To War
Razor’s Wind
Viper Queen
Empire of Dust

Official press release : OSYRON Reveals Full Album Details ! http://ymlp.com/zVlHFy

Canadian Symphonic Metal band ! Info at : http://www.facebook.com/osyron


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