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Immortal Machinery : German dates !

IMMORTAL MACHINERY is playing Germany next month :

17.03.17 at Carroll’s Pub, Wetzlar,
23.03.17 at Alexander the Great, Mainz

UK Dark/Melodic Metal ! Info & music :

An Imperfect Storm album covera



The Mothman Curse : Track-by-track pt. 1

THE MOTHAM CURSE talks about the upcoming album !
Track-By-Track pt. 1 :

The new album will be titled “HOPE” and has a release date set for March 30, 2018.

Italian Metal !



THE MOTHMAN CURSE reveal full CD details.

The Italian Metallers from THE MOTHMAN CURSE have revealed full details for their upcoming debut album !

The new album will be titled “HOPE” and has a release date set for March 30, 2018.

Over the past 2 weeks, the band has revealed the first 2 samples : and

Track List :

The MothMan is here
Dark Knight
Silence of Death
Hypnotic Rain
I am Buried Alive
Sound of Darkness
Child ( pre song)
Warm up (bonus 2009)

Today, the band also revealed the cover artwork (see below)

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