Info Company Promotion :

Also companies who are related to the music industry ( who provide services to bands or provide products/a service metal fans tend to like ) can be promoted on Metal Revelation’s digital platforms.

Think of booking-agencies, tattoo-shops, sound/light engineers, graphic designers, merchandise printers, clubs, pubs, venues, recording studios, rehearsal rooms, merchandise mailorder companies, specialised metal record stores etc. etc.

Metal Revelation can provide company promotion in 3 different ways :

1 ) Your company, product, service can be promoted through all of Metal Revelation’s digital platforms. In agreement, we decide how many times this will be done.

For more info : please mail to

2 ) Metal Revelation can work on your Twitter and/or Facebook account in order to create a bigger following for you. In agreement, we decide for how many months this will be done, with a minimum of 1 month.

In case, you don’t have a Twitter account, I can set one up for you.

For more info : please mail to

3 ) Your company-logo + url can be added to a press release which is send out for one of the band’s on Metal Revelation’s roster. The data-base for the press-releases contains 50.000+ addresses.

For info : please mail to

A package of combined services is also possible, mail for info and a special price to


These are the Metal Revelation platforms where your company can be promoted through :

Data-base Metal Revelation : 50.000+ e-mail addresses (main page on FB) – 5000 friends – 1000 unique visitors per day – 44.000 followers – 90  followers (2nd page on FB) – 1000 likes – 4300 followers









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METAL REVELATION is offering professional, worldwide promotion for metal bands / musicians who take their music seriously and are looking for ways to get their band known to the world.

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