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28 years of Experience in Worldwide Band Promotion \m/

METAL REVELATION is a free-lance company, offering professional, worldwide promotion for bands/musicians who take their music seriously and are looking for ways to get their band known to the world or need assistance with their worldwide promotion.

Metal Revelation has 18 years of experience with promoting major metal-bands on big labels and for the last 10 years is offering that knowledge to bands who :
– Have an established career and would like to add a strong member to the team around the band.
– Are an independent band and would like to stay independent.
– Are working towards a label-deal.
– Want additional promotion for their band.

With Metal Revelation it IS now possible to get real, serious and massive worldwide promotion for your band for fair prices, so that also bands who are starting up and bands with no record-deal can afford this service.

In short, after having worked on the highest level in the music business for 18 years, Metal Revelation can provide a unique service which shows in these elements :

– Band Promotion will be delivered on a worldwide base.

– Metal Revelation makes a difference between “product promotion” (which is only the promotion of a release) and “band promotion” (which contains every aspect of the band : a release, a tour, new merchandise, studio updates etc etc etc … ). Product Promotion is in this day and age not enough to make a difference, therefore Metal Revelation provides always full Band Promotion.

– Metal Revelation owns a unique data-base of 50.000+ addresses of worldwide media, festivals, venues, booking-agencies, fans etc. This means that press-releases will go out to a huge amount of potential new supporters/followers/business partners of your band.

– Metal Revelation works with weekly plannings, so the band is fully up-to-date about what is done for them. Important is that the band and Metal Revelation work together as a team to make sure the best is done for the band in all aspects.

Full detailed info about this service, incl prices : please mail to
Resume of my work over the last 28 years : please mail to
For questions or wanting to be added to my roster : please mail to

Always add full band details when you contact me.

Only VERY serious bands with musical talent AND the understanding that lots of work needs to be done outside the musical part, will be considered.


Mail for info : marjo(at)

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METAL REVELATION is offering professional, worldwide promotion for metal bands / musicians who take their music seriously and are looking for ways to get their band known to the world.

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