The Violent Divine Weekly Pt. 5

Watch this week’s Violent Divine weekly. A quick update about the ongoing Violent Divine recording sessions and how is Simon contributing to the task of keeping the Violent Divine flag of rock n roll at its highest position.
Swedish Metal Band ! Info & Music :

BOSTOK : Track-By-Track Pt. II

It’s time for the track-by-track for BOSTOK’s upcoming album : Part II :

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New album “Dichotomy” out by April 7 !

Official video The Feeling :

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The 4th sample:
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Alternative Metal From Spain ! Info & Music :

Libreto CD Jewel Box

IMMORTAL MACHINERY : track-by-track Part 3

A bit different than other bands upload them ; )
IMMORTAL MACHINERY launches their track-by-track serie. Episode 3 today:
The new album will be titled “AN IMPERFECT STORM”, it contains 9 tracks and will be released at April 7, 2017.
The lyric video for “I Did It For You” can be found at this location :
For samples :
3rd sample :
2nd sample :
1st sample:
(w/ outstanding guest vocals performed by Tank from Chasing Dragons !)
UK Dark/Melodic Metal ! Info & music :

Join Forces For J Von Hughes-Munroe & Ronny Munroe !

Life can change from one minute to another …

Ronny Munroe (Munroe’s Thunder, ex-Metal Church/TSO) and his fiancée J Von have unfortunately experienced this in January of this year. Their lives have been turned upside down and they need the help from the Metal community and others, as their current situation makes that they have no income !

On January 26th, Ronny called an ambulance because J Von was experiencing terrible pain in her amdomen.  She was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer which might has spread.  While preparing for surgery, J Von contracted pneumonia and had to fight for her life. After the doctors got the pneumonia under control, immediate chemo therapy has started.  J Von is doing three to four months of chemo first to shrink the mass, then the surgery will happen and then  another three to four months of chemo. All in all this is going to take almost a year to get through.  J Von is home now and will do the chemo therapy as an out patient.

They have a long, long road to go. And with Ronny having to take care of his fiancée and J Von not being able to run her business (aside from her work as Ronny’s manager), the financial drama is weighing heavily on their shoulders.

So, it’s time for all of us to step up. J Von should be able to focus on her recovery and the worries for all bills and medical expenses shouldn’t be a burden !

Metal Heads : you have done it before and let’s do it again ! Let’s join forces and help Ronny and J Von Munroe !

We’ve put together lots of great packages in return for your donation.
And also for all non-metal heads : please look through all donation levels, as we have so much more to offer.

We invite you to visit the fundraiser page :–2

We know that not all of you are in a financial situation to make a donation, but you can also help by posting the link to this page on your social media ! Let’s spread the word !

On behalf of Ronny and J Von, thank you so much for all support !

* You can follow J’s & Ronny’s fight here : Ronny is posting very regular updates.

* I’m still able to add new donation levels, so if your band/company etc has items to donate, please mail to


Band Challenge #7

Never done before !

Last week, IMMORTAL MACHINERY launched the challenge #7 for today “The Lyric Challenge”:

Here are all answers to this challenge : )

VIOLENT DIVINE has uploaded the next challenge #8 “The singer challenge” (Imitate the vocalists from the other bands):
On Friday, we will get the responses in !

Follow all through :

IMMORTAL MACHINERY : UK Dark/Melodic Metal :
BOSTOK : Alternative Metal from Spain :
VIOLENT DIVINE : Swedish Metal :
SEVEN THORNS : Danish Power Metal :



Another epic edition of The Violent Divine Weekly. Expect reports on the latest band challenge between Violent Divine, Immortal Machinery, Seven Thorns and Bostok. What’s Oscar Divine up to in Stockholm and a few words on International Women’s Day. Let it ROCK!
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Swedish Metal Band ! Info & Music :

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