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For all companies out there (music – and non music related !) who would like to improve the results on Twitter !


Metal Revelation will help to reach your target audience:

Have you seen the recent changes Facebook made and is going to make concerning company pages ? It’s time to make sure your other social media is running smoothly to fill up the gap Facebook is creating !

Of course, any company should run a Facebook page, but for quite some time, Facebook is NOT the place where you will reach the biggest audience :
– Only 7% of your “likes” receives your updates on their news-feed.
– Building up a good amount of “likes” is a long process.
– Since the beginning of this year, a new system has started where company FB pages reaches even less than 7% of your followers, as FB wants you to pay for your updates if you want to reach more people.
– That wouldn’t be a problem, but independent reseach has shown that the paid FB posts are not reaching the people you want. “Click-farms” in India, Pakistan etc. are hired to click on your posts, which is of course not adding anything for your company.
– Two weeks ago, Facebook has announced two more changes :
1. At the moment, your updates are shown at the people’s news-feeds based on the time you post it. This will change : all posts from company pages will end up at the bottom of people’s news-feeds (and we all know people will not scroll down that far).
2. If somebody likes or comment on your update, also this will appear at the bottom of the news-feed.

Advantages of Twitter :
– Becomes more important : you see already that important announcements by governments / companies etc are made on Twitter.
– It’s much easier to build up a big group of followers.
– 100% of your followers get to see your updates.
– People on Twitter are more active, they re-tweet easier.
– Twitter is easier to read on mobile phones/tablets.
– Paid promotion on Twitter is very effective and no signals have been shown that the statistics or the promotion itself is a scam.

So, please think about your social media strategy for your company !

I can help building up your followers on Twitter by hand-picking the audience for you !
– I will work 5 days a week (as a minimum) to get more people to follow you.
– To have more people to engage with your Tweets, I will post 3 Tweets per day on your account (with a minimum of 5 days a week) !

Mail me at for full info and price indication !


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